Property Investing Is More Enjoyable When You Know How!

Here’s A Step-by-Step Blueprint To Build The Practical Knowledge And Skills So You Can Finally Invest In Your First Or Scale A Safe, Secure, And Profitable Buy-to-Let Property Portfolio

Without feeling overwhelmed or second guessing yourself due to a lack of knowledge, confusing jargon, or fear of making costly mistakes


To All Future Successful Property Investors

I get it. 

You might be working in a regular 9-5 that doesn’t fulfil your happiness. But it's stable and it pays the bills. Every month, on repeat, your pay check hits the bank. It's comfortable, but you feel like you're meant for more.

You're tired of working so hard for a paycheck that simply covers the necessary basics, with little to nothing left for the occasional holiday every year (If you’re lucky).

You dream of something better. A life where you have the funds to do what you want, when you want, where you want, with who you want.  

That's where property investing comes in. You've thought about it, right? I mean, why else would you be reading this.

You know that it's a way to financial freedom, where you call the shots and you answer to no one but yourself. 

But starting feels overwhelming. The world of property investment seems full of complicated terms and big risks.

Here's the good news - It's not as complicated as it seems.

Yes, stepping into property investing can feel scary. You might wonder if you can really leave your 9-5 and succeed in the world as a property investor.

I've been there too. But let me tell you, it's possible.

And in a couple of minutes, I want to show you how.

Meet Your Mentor

Dan Coachafer


Dan here, and for the last 20+ years, I’ve been involved in the property investing game. 

I’ll be honest, I’ve had my ups and downs (who hasn’t), but every step along the way has taught me something invaluable about buy-to-let investing.

Let me take you back to my mid-20s (around 2007), When I was in Australia, trying to figure out life – you know, the whole 'finding myself' phase. I had ideas and dreams, but nothing felt concrete enough to seem like 'this is what I’m going to do'. 

After months of a lot of trial and errors, by chance, I stumbled into the world of property investment. 

I inherited a 3-bed terrace in Newark, Nottinghamshire. It wasn't glamorous, but it was a start. But after a bit of learning and adjusting, I managed to turn it into a decent bit of passive income. (£400 pcm)

Enthused and excited by my new venture, I worked hard and saved up enough for my next deposit. But I quickly discovered that without a regular job, getting a mortgage started to feel like climbing Mt. Everest. 

Luckily I have some incredibly supportive parents who helped me out with a loan, and soon, I was onto property number two. It felt like the wheels were turning and I was starting to make some progress.

Fast forward to my 40th birthday and I hit a major milestone – 11 buy-to-let properties. Beating my goal of 10 properties before 40. 

And now? I've got 21+ buy-to-lets, my strategy's evolved, my goals are smarter, and I'm not just hitting and hoping anymore.

If there's one thing I've learned, it's that education is key. Knowing your goals, understanding your strategy, and having the confidence to take action – that's what made the difference for me.

So, if you're wondering whether you can make it in the property investment game, or whether you can really turn this into your path to financial freedom, I'm here to tell you… 

100% you can. 
Because If I did, so can you

What Would YOU Do If You Finally Became A Successful Property Investor?

Before I go any further.

I really want you to think about your future, and what your life could be like if you finally took the necessary action to understand property investing and built your very own buy-to-let portfolio.

Maybe you’d finally wake up each day with a burst of excitement. Why? Because you no longer dream about what property investing could be like - instead you're living it. 

You look at properties differently. Where others see just bricks and mortar, you see a hidden gem, and a chance to turn a regular property into a source of passive income.

You have the confidence to make strategic decisions with your properties, plan your next smart investment, and enjoy the results and satisfaction that comes from being a successful property investor. 

Then there are the moments you check your bank account and see the real, tangible results from your smart choices. 

Being able to see your hard work pay off on a monthly basis feels sweet.

Not having to worry about living paycheck to paycheck or how you'll look after your loved ones. Instead, you're building a secure financial future one property at a time.

Today could be the very beginning of the future you’ve always dreamed of having…


Generate Income From Property & Secure Your Financial Future Course

A full Step-by-step Interactive Blueprint On How To Find, Analyse, Purchase, And Set Up Your Very Own Profit Generating Buy-To-Let 

Over the past 20+ years, I've learned a lot, made my fair share of mistakes, and discovered 

what truly works in the world of buy-to-let investing. 

Now, I want to bring all of that experience directly to you in a simple, step-by-step blueprint.

This course isn't just a bunch of lessons thrown together, but actually a condensed version of all the vital information I’ve discovered in my two decades in property investment. 

It's down-to-earth, practical, and filled with the kind of knowledge you can only get from someone who's walking the walk. 

I want to share everything I’ve learned throughout my years in property investing so you can have the financial future you’ve always wanted, without having to sacrifice unnecessary time, effort, and more importantly… money.

Here`s What Gadi Had To Say About The Course...

"Dan's course is practical, highly informative and extremely useful. He explains, in a simple and easy-to-understand way, all aspects of UK buy-to-let purchasing and related financing matters. He guides you through the different elements, stages and strategies of buy-to-let investing. The course also includes helpful exercises and questions, to help you revise and ensure you didn't miss anything important. I have thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone considering entering into the world of UK buy-to-lets."

Review by: Gadi O

So What`s Inside the Course?

I wanted to make sure that the Generate Income From Property & Secure Your Financial Future Course left no stone unturned. So throughout the course, you'll learn exactly how to find, analyze, buy, and set up buy-to-let properties that are all safe, solid, and secure.   The course is packed with 65 lessons across 19 chapters, plus 3.5 hours of video content – which are all specifically aimed to help you become the most successful property investor possible.

    1. Lesson 1 - What is your goal?

    2. Lesson 2 - Make it SMART

    3. Lesson 3 - Over to you

    4. Quick Recap

    1. Lesson 1 - What is your strategy?

    2. Lesson 2 - Over to you

    3. Quick Recap

    1. Lesson 1 - Before we get started

    2. Lesson 2 - The facts about tax

    3. Lesson 3 - LTD company YES/NO

    4. Lesson 4 - Is a LTD right for you?

    5. Lesson 5 - In summary

    6. Quick Recap

    1. Lesson 1 - LTD set up

    1. Lesson 1 - Cash buying

    2. Lesson 2 - Buying with a mortgage

    3. Lesson 3 - The power of inflation

    4. Lesson 4 - Mortgage qualification

    5. Lesson 5 - What is an AIP?

    6. Lesson 6 - Over to you

    7. Quick Recap

The details...

  • £497.00
  • 65 lessons
  • 3.5 hours of video content

But here’s the thing, this isn't about getting rich quick. Even though we all want that to happen, I mean who doesn’t? 

I’d be lying if I said that’s the case here. 

Instead, the course has been specifically put together to help you absorb and adopt the necessary knowledge, ideas, and skills to swap your daytime job for a portfolio of profitable buy-to-let properties. 

You won’t be alone inside the course either. 

Throughout the chapters, I'll be close by, giving you my full support and guiding you through the exact blueprint I've used to grow my own portfolio of over 20 buy-to-let properties.

If you ever feel stuck or unsure about anything when going through Generate Income From Property & Secure Your Financial Future, just remember that I’ll be one click away from answering all your questions. 

So Who Is The Course For?

I've created Generate Income From Property & Secure Your Financial Future for anyone who thinks they’re ready to start their journey in property investing. 

If you feel like you...

  • Don’t have enough knowledge about Buy To Let Properties

  • Lack the confidence to start property investing

  • Are not sure where to start

  • Have a minimal understanding of investing

  • Don`t know which properties are best as investments

  • Are not sure where to purchase an investment property

  • Are scared of making an incorrect move that will cost you thousands

  • Don’t know who to trust for advice

  • Then this course is for you.

100% Risk-Free Promise

You have 60 Days to trial and test the Generate Income From Property & Secure Your Financial Future course, and if for any reason (or even no reason at all), you want a full refund, just let me know and you`ll get your money back to you immediately.

No questions, No Hassle!

You don`t need a "my dog ate my homework" story either.

I pride myself on exceeding expectations and forming strong contacts for life. If you don`t receive more value than you were expecting then I promise that I`ll refund you in full and ensure you walk away feeling happy.

Are You Ready To Start Your Investing Journey Now?

Now here’s where it’s time to make your decision, and I see it like this.

You have three options. 

(Option 1)
Ignore Everything

No hard feelings. 

You can walk away and do absolutely nothing.

But chances are you’ll be wondering “what if” for the rest of your life.

(Option 2)
Risk Everything And Start On Your Own

Again, you can walk away. 

But instead, start your property investing journey on your own. 

And good for you.

If you’re the person who’d rather take the harder route, spending a lot more time, doing a lot more work, and making a lot more mistakes to become a successful property investor.

Then that’s your choice and I’m perfectly fine with that.

At least you won’t be the person who takes option number 1 and doesn’t even try.

Or you can take…
(Option 3)
Start Your Investment Journey Today

You can save all those years of searching for the right answers, making costly mistakes, and keeping yourself awake at night wondering if you are picking the right choices.

And instead, let me - a property investor who is already walking the walk, with a portfolio of over 20+ properties - guide you to become a successful property investor yourself in 1-2 months.

I’ve already done the hard work for you.

All you need to do is follow the step-by-step blueprint inside the Generate Income From Property & Secure Your Financial Future course.

And the fact that there are people who have completed the course thinking they “didn’t have enough time”...

“Didn’t have enough savings”

“Would be overwhelmed with the amount of information"

Yet they are now adding to their property portfolio as you sit here reading this.

So why can’t you?

Now I understand that you might still be sitting on the fence, about whether or not to take the leap. 

So today I want to make sure you have a reasonable start to your property investment journey.

I’ve always believed in providing immense value and having a price that reflects that.

Normally I’d value Generate Income From Property & Secure Your Financial Future at a one-time price of £997

But I want to give it to you today at £495.

Think of it as the start of your property investing journey.

I’m Ready To Start My Investment Journey

Here’s What Others Have Said After Finishing Generate Income From Property & Secure Your Financial Future Course…

Alex Neale

Would like to say a massive thanks to Dan for his help lately and was very lucky to be part of the launching of the training he provides. It is an excellent course that offers a full walk through of every single part of purchasing a BTL property. It has incredible useful content that goes into good detail but also stays very simple to follow. Its entertaining and fun to do and I would highly recommend it to anybody looking for a starting point in a BTL strategy. It has incredible detail involving every step of the process that has been missing from the previous training i have done, Good luck to you with this, it deserves to be great!

Neil Mistry

I’ve just completed Dan’s ‘How to Buy to Let’ online training – WOW! From explanatory videos, to descriptions, interviews with parties involved in processes and also downloadable content – this is the definition of true value! Not only does Dan have such a great presence online leaving no question unanswered – he has also put together this absolute vital course for anyone wanting to invest in a Buy-to-Let property. His passion and knowledge shines through in all of his videos, a true investor and teacher with transparency. The perfect learning environment and resource. Look forward to seeing what the New2Property’s future holds and starting off my own BTL journey! Thank you again Dan Coachafer!

Mantas Zubavicius

After successfully finishing the online course I can highly recommend buy to let online course to anyone whos looking to start BTL property business.

Claire Bachledová-Pateman

The knowledge that Dan has when it comes to the BTL strategy is second to none. I have just completed the New2Property BTL online course and would highly recommend it to anyone thinking of purchasing their first or next BTL. The course is thorough, detailing all aspects of searching for, purchasing and owning a rental property. Nothing is held back in the content of this course. Absolutely brilliant.

This course is perfectly suited for beginners, it is very detailed and offers a step by step guide on how things should be done. 

Ricky Pilmore

This simply fantastic and informative course is great for people new to the property game or for the more experienced to pick up some fantastic knowledge, I love that it is a step by step course that builds knowledge and confidence all the way through. This course is worth its weight in property.

Fayaz Noorestani

Awesome content, very well explained and in such detail. I definitely recommend this online learning to anyone looking to invest in buy to let property. Other courses leave you with unanswered questions, not this one, every base is covered from start to finish. Highly recommended.

Max Hunter

Dan takes you very clearly through the basics and beyond. You are guided to set a very clear vision of what you want to achieve from property before putting the set plan into practice. This course is both informative, yet direct and to the point. Fantastic course and highly recomended.

Guv Shergill

I absolutely loved the course layout. The short sharp video`s were fantastic. I felt the course was methodical and due to the small bite-sized chapters I always felt I was making progress. The interviews with professionals was a great touch along with the worked examples. Loved it and would recommend to anyone starting out in buy to let investing.

Vasko Atanasov

Very informative and really easy to understand. There is so much useful information from setting up a company to how to find your property hot spot. I would highly recommend this course to anyone that wants to learn the BTL strategy. Dan is excellent at explaining the steps and is clearly a hands-on investor with lost of experience.


Understandably you will have some questions...

  • How long does the program last?

    The course is designed so you can work at your own pace, it's advisable to set up a study schedule, maybe you could complete 2/3 chapters a week. Throughout the program, there are tasks that will involve you coming away from the course to get your hands dirty. Clients who work through the chapter and lessons in turn and who complete all tasks as they arise typically take 6-8 weeks to complete the program.

  • What support will I get?

    You will be given unlimited support as you work through the program. I (Dan) will be there on hand to help and support with any questions you might have. Each of the lessons has a discussion tab, here you can type your question and I`ll personally get back to you and help you on your way.

  • How does it work?

    Great question, let me have a bash at explaining. You sign up for the online program, once you have paid you`ll get unlimited access to the portal. You can then get started with your learning, you will see there are chapters and lessons, don`t worry I give you a rundown of how it all works before you get cracking. As you work through the content you`ll be given tasks and have your knowledge tested along the way. If at any stage of the program you have a question or need some support you can simply type your question using the discussion function and I (Dan) will jump in and help you out.

  • Can I get a refund if its not for me?

    Absolutely, I offer a 60 DAYS FULL refund guarantee. You have 60-DAYS to trial and test the program, and if for any reason or even no reason at all, you want a full refund, just let me know and you`ll get your money back immediately. NO questions asked. You don`t need a "my dog ate my homework" story. No questions, no hassle, no fine print. I pride myself on exceeding expectations and forming strong contacts for life. If you don`t receive more value than you were expecting THEN I PROMISE that I`ll refund you in full and ensure you go away a happy customer.

  • Is there further courses or training once I finish the program?

    There will always be the option to sign up for additional support calls, to attend one of my workshops or to invest in my 1-2-1 mentorship program, however, my online program is designed to give you all of the tools and knowledge you`ll need to continue successfully on your own.

  • Who is the program suitable for?

    The program is suitable for anyone who is looking to get started in buy to let property investing. My program helps new and experienced investors purchase a property so clients will need to have access to a deposit. Clients who typically sign up for the program are aware that their savings are decreasing in value in the bank, they know and understand that property investing isn't easy nor is it a quick win strategy, however, they are willing to do the work to reap the benefits.

  • What will I get out of the program?

    You will gain enough skill, knowledge and confidence to not only purchase one buy to let property but to go on and build your own portfolio.

Lets Go I`m Ready To Become A Buy To Let Property Investor